Leave a Lasting Gift in Your Will

Benefits to Lakelands Hospice of having a Will

At Lakelands Hospice donations left in Wills are vital to ensuring we can continue to care for those affected with Cancer and other life-limiting illnesses. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to people who have remembered the Hospice in their Will. Care is at the heart of everything the Hospice does. After you have taken care of your family please consider leaving a lasting gift in your Will to the Hospice.

Every gift makes a difference – just 1% of your estate would have a significant impact on the care of future patients, so please consider supporting us in this way. When our Charity is fortunate enough to receive a legacy gift, our Trustees make sure it is used to help make a real difference to the care the Hospice provides. Our Charity uses legacy gifts to fund improvements to our service that would not normally be possible without such wonderful gifts.

Benefits of making a will

Making or changing your will is straightforward. It will ensure that you make a positive choice about how you would like your assets to be divided after your death. If you don't make a will someone else will decide on your behalf. You will also be able to minimise the tax payable on your gift and any donation made to Lakelands is free of inheritance tax.

Types of Gift

A Residuary Gift is when you divide your estate into shares of percentages to family, friends and a nominated charity such as Lakelands Hospice. This is the most valuable way to leave your gift as it is not be affected by inflation.

A Pecuniary Gift is a specific cash gift which means you can decide exactly how much money you wish to leave to Lakelands Hospice. This type of gift is affected by inflation and you may wish to review this regularly to ensure that the value of your donation is not diminished over time.

A Specific Item - You may have specific items of value that would also support the work of Lakelands Hospice. By including the named specific item(s) in your will you can ensure it will benefit others after your death.

A Codicil - If you have already made a will but have decided that you would like to leave a gift you can make an addition without having to re-write your will. This is a legally binding supplement to your will and is drawn up and witnessed in the same way. It is also cost effective.

Please remember that you don't have to be rich to leave us a gift and it will cost you nothing now. It is the accumulation of many donations which provides our income and helps Lakelands to care. Every pound counts.

How to make it happen

To ensure that your wishes are carried out Lakelands Hospice recommends you contact a Solicitor who will write your will on your behalf

For further information please call Jenny Standen at Lakelands Day Care Hospice, Butland Road, Corby, NN18 8LX. Telephone: 01536 747755, or call any of the solicitors below. 

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