Frequently asked questions about volunteering at Lakelands Hospice

What skills do I need to volunteer?

This will depend, to some extent, on the type of volunteer role you wish to apply for, but whatever your skills, we aim to identify a suitable role for you. Many of our volunteer roles do not require you to have any experience or specialist skills, just your time, energy and enthusiasm and a commitment to our cause. Some of our volunteering opportunities require you to have skills, but these will be clearly stated in the role description.

Why does Lakelands Hospice need volunteers?

We could not provide the excellent service to our patients without the support and commitment of our valued volunteers. Our volunteers are an exceptionally committed group who save us an incredible amount of money each year by giving us some of their time, energy and skills to support Lakelands Hospice, but we are always in need of more volunteers.

What will I get out of volunteering at Lakelands?

Giving your time, knowledge and skills can make an amazing difference no matter what type of volunteer role you choose to do. Volunteering at Lakelands will not only give you the opportunity to have fun and make new friends, you will be making a measurable difference to the charity’s purpose. If that’s not motivation enough, you could also be gaining valuable work experience and new skills to add to your CV.

Can I volunteer if I have a disability?

Yes, we try very hard to find suitable roles for all volunteers.

What is the minimum and maximum age?

Our minimum age for volunteers is 14 years but we do not have a maximum age (although our vehicle insurance will not cover anyone over the age of 70 years unless they have had a medical examination which is updated annually).

I work during the week but still want to help?

The Lakelands Emporium and the Lakelands Warehouse are open on Saturdays, or alternatively our Fundraising team need support at events in the evenings and at weekends.

I am claiming benefits, can I still volunteer?

Yes. Volunteering does not affect the benefit payments you receive. However, it is important to let your benefits adviser know you're volunteering. People claiming Job Seekers’ Allowance (JSA) can volunteer if they remain available for work and are actively seeking paid employment.

Why must I have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check?

As Lakelands is a hospice, we have a duty of care to the vulnerable people we support, and volunteer roles within the hospice require a DBS check to be carried out.

Do I need qualifications or skills to volunteer at Lakelands?

Although always useful, qualifications and skills are not essential as new volunteers will have the opportunity to “shadow” experienced volunteers, and some training will be available.

What if I don't want to do a particular role?

Volunteers only participate in voluntary roles that they are comfortable doing.

Can I take holidays?

Volunteers can take holidays whenever they choose.

How long will I have to commit for?

Although we do appreciate a little notice, volunteers are free to leave at any time.

How much time do I need to give each week?

As much or as little as you choose. Lakelands Hospice has a wide range of volunteering options available to suit most people’s work/life retirement commitments - some volunteers help regularly, and others provide much needed holiday cover when required. Some volunteer roles do require specific time commitments, and these are clearly stated in the role description.


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