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Gold Standards

care at Lakelands Hospice

in 2012 Lakelands Hospice was the first hospice in the country to be awarded Beacon Status, the highest award possible for care in accreditation with the Gold Standards Framework (GSF).  We are one of only two hospices in the country to be reaccredited Beacon Status in September 2015.

The GSF Award Ceremony was held on 5th July 2012 at Worcester Race Course where Cathy Langtree Nurse Manager (at the time) stated...

"I am extremely proud of all my nursing staff and what they have been able to accomplish. They have taken the Gold Standards Framework for Care Homes and adapted it to fit a hospice environment and its specialist patients. Their commitment and determination to ensure we achieved the highest award possible is commendable, with the direct response of improving patient care"

What is Gold Standards Framework?

The GSF is the most comprehensive programme ever introduced to enhance end of life care and aims to improve the quality, coordination and organisation of care within an organisation. It is concerned with helping people to live well until the end of life and includes care in the final years of life for people with any end stage illness in any setting.

What does this mean to my care?

This means that our staff, have undertaken and succeeded on a tough programme to improve the way we care for all our patients who require end of life care.

Our nurses are able to help more people in our community to die with dignity, where they want to, how they want to and with whom they want.

It shows that we have developed a culture in end of life care which builds on that which was already evident at Lakelands Hospice and one that comes from the heart.

What does it mean to have GSF accreditation?

Being through the programme means that we now achieve the 5 key themes of the GSF which include:

This involves advanced care planning, patients expressing their own end of life wishes so that all are prepared in a timely way.

Improved communication
Involves nurturing a culture of openness in discussing these often difficult issues, and taking care to document them so that individual's wishes are known.

Improved team working
Working with the wider health team (GPs, nurses, hospice specialists). GPs and others in the primary care team also become involved in pre-emptive planning for pain and symptom relief for when the time comes, and no one has to wait for the out-of hour's doctor who doesn't know the patient.

Decreasing Hospital Admissions
Avoiding inappropriate hospital admissions, enabling more patients to die at the Home, if that is their wish.

High quality clinical care
With expert assessment, good management of symptoms hight quality clinical care can be achieved.

More information on the Gold Standards Framework can be found at: