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Lakelands Hospice

day services

Tracy Glen (Nurse Manager) and her team will work closely with you, your GP, District Nurse and Macmillan Nurse to provide a continuity of care that meets your individual needs.

We offer help right from your initial diagnosis, through any treatments you may receive and support continues for as long as the disease progresses.

Find out more about our facilities and the complimentary therapies and activities that you could benefit from on your day at Lakelands Hospice.

We appreciate that attending a hospice may not appeal to you, especially if you have only recently been diagnosed, but we would encourage you to get in contact for an initial chat and maybe come and see the facilities that we have. You will then have a better understanding of how Lakelands Hospice could improve the quality of your life.

Reasons why you may wish to access our day services:

  • You have recently been diagnosed with a life limiting illness and would like more infomation and advice.
  • you may be feeling your illness is preventing you from living your life and limiting social opportunities
  • sometimes you just need someone who will listen to your worries and anxieties
  • or you feel you need more information about you illness and symptoms
  • perhaps you have been referred by your GP or district nurse
  • maybe you want to enable your family and carer to have some personal time of their own
  • you could be having difficulties with some personal care like bathing or hairdressing

In the first instance please either, download our leaflet services_ leaflet.pdf or give us a call (01536) 747755 Mon-Fri 9-5pm.