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Fundraising Toolkit

health and safety

Your safety and that of all those attending and working at your event is of paramount importance to us.

Risk Assessment

You need to identify any hazards, evaluate and minimise risk for everyone at your event. Your hosting venue or insurance company may insist on a risk assessment being carried out. Your venue or insurance company may provide assistance or guidance.

Don’t forget to provide all your helpers with health and safety information and advice, including what to do in case of an emergency.

You will find the “Five steps to risk assessment” booklet helpful at the HSE website

Key Considerations

  • fire safety
  • slips, trips and falls
  • chemicals and hazardous substances
  • electricity and equipment
  • crowd safety, security and money handling
  • food hygiene and catering
  • ventilation and heating
  • accidents and first aid cover
  • manual handling
  • emergency procedures
  • risks posed due to adverse weather
  • gazebo’s, tents, marquees & bouncy castles
  • contractors