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Patient Audit 2014

This audit has been prepared and completed by Jessica Bond, a 2nd year Tresham Student who is studying BTEC Health and Social care Health Studies.

The audit is made up of feedback collected from the patients of Lakelands Day Care Hospice and will provide a summary of the patients opinions and suggestions about the hospice overall and its staff.

This audit was completed in May 2014.

Do you always receive help when it is needed?

'Yes' All of the patients agreed that all of the staff are always very helpful and help is given whenever asked or needed.

Do you feel you are treated and valued as an individual at the Hospice?

'Yes, Definitely!' The patients felt that they are always shown respect, and they receive great one to one care as well as in groups which makes them always feel valued as an individual.

Do you always feel that you are safe?

'Yes!' All of the patients agreed that there's always someone looking out for them. However felt  the wheelchair access at the front isn't very secure for some.

Do you feel the nurses are respectful?

'Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!' The patients explained the nurses are always respectful, they keep everything confidential. They make them feel like they are not just somebody who is ill.

Do you feel the nurses care about you, and not just for you?

The patients explained the nurses are always taking their time to know about them. They feel they are always there for them just by giving them a cuddle or holding their hands. It was mentioned that charity work out of hours that the nurses contribute to shows how much they really do care. They felt  the nurses always make you feel like you are a  person and not just a number.

Do you feel the volunteers are always polite?

'Always polite and friendly.' It was suggested maybe volunteers could wear a wristband so the patients don't feel bad for asking for things as you know they are there to help.

Do you feel confident in that the organisation keep your personal information secure?

'Definitely' All patients felt very happy that their information is always kept secure.

Do you think the nurses notice when you are down/upset?

'Always' The patients said the nurses will come over straight away if they feel something is wrong. They said even if they don't notice themselves the nurses are always really 'switched on'.

Do you feel the minibus is good value for its money?

The patients felt the minibus is great value for money, for some they would not get here without it so very thankful. The drivers and hosts always helpful and friendly!

Do you feel there is always a chance to discuss any issues with the nurses?

'Yes, 100%' The patients said there is always someone to talk to, and the nurses are always happy to help anytime! The nurses always know what they are talking about and everything is kept confidential.

Is the hospice clean, welcoming and friendly?

'Yes, very clean, friendly and welcoming. Feels like home from home'...

Is there always complimentary therapies  available when you want them to be?

'Mostly' However the patients explained there could be more variety of therapies. They felt because there is only one therapist to get through all patients then people have to wait and might not get seen when they want to be. It was suggested to have sessions in the morning & afternoon so everyone can get seen.

What other activities would you like to become available at the hospice?...

  • · Hairdressing, nails, massage
  • · Day Trips in the bus
  • · Armchair exercises
  • · Card making
  • · Outside games
  • · Gardening
  • · People to come in and teach things e.g. Cross stitch
  • · Singing/Karaoke
  • · Craft making
  • · Art/Art therapy

The patients felt happy and enjoy the activities that are available but would like more variety.

Has the menu always got plenty of choice of food an is it good value for money?

The patients felt it is very good value for money, they are always accommodating on food with lovely choices. However some felt their could be more choice sometimes.

Do you feel that coming to the hospice has benefitted you? And how...

'Definitely' The patients explained that coming to the hospice has given them the chance to make new friends and discuss with people who are in the same position. It gives the patients something to look forward to and gives their family members a break. It gives them a chance to talk and find out more about their medical conditions. They also mentioned that it gives them freedom to talk about anything perhaps family members don't want to talk about.

The patients said 'it gets me out of the house, its amazing what you can learn listening to other people'

'100% pleased'